Helping you communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking employees.

About Us

In 2001, Futuro Sólido’s parent company, Casa Colorado, was founded by Ferney Colorado and Melissa Burkhart in response to the increasing demand for diverse and creative translation and interpretation services. As they themselves represented both cultures, Ferney and Melissa developed a unique ability to connect companies with Spanish speakers—either employees or prospective clients. Ferney, a native of Colombia who has worked side by side with laborers from all over Latin America in a variety of industries, provided the insight for Futuro Sólido to create original and effective training material for Spanish- speaking employees. These presentations, whether delivered on-site, in writing, on DVD, speak directly to these employees’ experiences and belief system.


Futuro Sólido also provides a wide variety of Spanish language services, including written translation, on-site interpretation, and language instruction. They have successfully served such industries as finance, insurance, landscaping, construction, manufacturing, health care, non-profit, and hospitality.

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