Helping you communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking employees.

Benefits Lightbulb Videos

Short, engaging videos that shed light on tricky benefits concepts.  Although designed for Spanish speakers, Light Bulbs resonate with English-speaking employees as well.




English and Spanish

  • How to Manage a High Deductible (Panic is not a Strategy)
  • What the Heck is an HSA and Why Should I Care?
  • Understanding Your Out-of-Pocket Costs Without Going
  • Out-of-Your-Mind
  • Is it Really an Emergency? Urgent Care vs. ER
  • Term Life Buy-Up Demystified


Spanish only

• Why Such a Fuss about Benefits?

This Light Bulb clarifies the business rationale for benefits, commonly lost on typical Spanish-speaking employees, who are confused and even suspicious as to why their employer wants them to participate.


• Benefits Communication Coaching for Bilingual Supervisors

Often Spanish-speaking employees go to the person they report to with benefits questions, rather than to HR.  This Light Bulb gives bilingual supervisors pointers as to how to answer these questions… or not!




valuable supplementary material downloads including:


Now What Do I Do?

Printable Check list of To-Do’s once you are enrolled. Available in EN and SP.


Open Enrollment Cheat Sheet for HR Managers

How to say and pronounce FAQ’s and their answers in Spanish.


Bringing Spanish Speakers on Board with Benefits

Recorded webinar training (in English) for staff, colleagues, clients, or prospects.


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