Betsy Campbell, Employee Benefits Account Executive, Van Gilder Insurance

While it is a fairly simple process to translate benefits material into Spanish, persuading these employees to participate is a very different undertaking. Futuro Sólido’s benefits communication will:

  • Maximize participation among Spanish-speaking employees in benefit and retirement plans.
  • Ensure that Spanish speakers utilize plans appropriately and in a way that is cost effective for themselves and providers.
  • Educate Spanish speakers as to the importance of benefits and countering the reasons they frequently choose not to participate.
  • Create a positive “buzz” among Spanish-speaking employees so that they encourage one another to participate.
  • Create a workplace culture where participation is the norm.
  • Avoid participation drop-off by ensuring that Spanish speakers know what to expect from benefits.

Click here to request our Top 10 Tips for Communicating Benefits to Spanish Speakers.

“This year [our broker] brought you to us and what a difference! Our Spanish-speaking employees were engaged, asked excellent questions, and no doubt gained a much improved understanding of the health, life/AD & D, dental/vision, flex, and 401k plans available to them….We look forward to working with you again!” Jan Losh, Director of Human Resources, RA Nelson

Results include:

  • More than doubling 401(k) participation and increasing participation in all benefit plans among 600 Spanish-speaking employees of a large manufacturing and retail company. This resulted in the PSCA signature awards’ gold prize for Language and Cultural Diversity.
  • Reducing by 77% emergency rooms claims for a self-insured mid-sized employer in the construction industry.
  • 50-90% participation in retirement plans among employees previously reluctant to participate.
  • Bringing 90% of the Spanish-speaking employees of a small printing company on board with term life insurance. Participation had previously been minimal.


Video Downloads. Futuro Sólido has created three highly effective video downloads, The Importance of Health Insurance, The Importance of a 401(k) Plan, and The Importance of Safety Training. [make these links] These 8 to 9-minute presentations are in Spanish with English subtitles and directly address the reasons many Spanish speakers are resistant to these topics. Downloadable presentations can be co-branded, or Futuro Sólido can also create custom videos.

Webinar Training. for HR personnel and benefits professionals. Our presentation Bringing Spanish Speakers on Board with Benefit Plans addresses common misconceptions about benefits and finance in this country and provides concrete, proven strategies to conduct effective Spanish enrollment meetings.

On-site Presentation. Futuro Sólido USA’s presenters are very well acquainted with Spanish speakers’ experiences—how they got to this country and why, and what they have heard about benefits that might predispose them against participating. Our presenters convey that they have the best interests of the Spanish-speaking employees and their families at heart, and will mitigate the “us vs. them” mentality.

Consulting. Futuro Sólido will help to revamp Spanish benefits communication and create or review material or strategies so as to maximize participation in the given benefit(s).

Customized Training for Enrollers. Futuro Sólido offers training for bilingual salespeople whose job it is to arrange and conduct enrollment meetings.

Creation of Sales Tools. Futuro Sólido creates power point presentations with voiceover in Spanish to be used by a company’s personnel, strategic partners, or clients—whether or not they speak fluent Spanish. These are designed to address Spanish speakers’ common objections and FAQ’s to a given plan or product, particularly HSA’s, Medicare Plans, and Wellness, etc.

Language Instruction for Customer Service Purposes. Futuro Sólido provides very targeted and specific language instruction. Classes enable participants to provide courteous service and resolve common issues without becoming fluent in Spanish.

Written Translation. Click here for a description of our process.