English/Spanish HR Solutions

If you are an HR manager or small business owner working with Spanish speaking employees, you are facing specific challenges that go well beyond the language barrier. Spanish speakers bring specific beliefs and experiences to the workplace that are often quite contrary to your priorities. In all likelihood, your behavior confuses them, and their behavior confuses you.

Futuro Sólido provides on-site training and consulting for:

English-Speaking Management: Training addresses different beliefs about the role communication plays in the workplace, what qualities constitute an excellent employee, and definitions of success. Specific scenarios are addressed, along with user-friendly pointers for resolving difficulties—without learning Spanish!!

Bilingual Supervisors: These people should be able to serve as extremely valuable and effective liaisons between you and your Spanish-speaking staff, but almost NEVER receive the support they need to be effective.

Specific training designed for bilingual supervisors’ unique situation will make a tremendous difference in your company’s culture, productivity, turnover, and buy-in to priorities such as safety and benefits.

“Melissa Burkhart gave five presentations on Meeting the Cultural Challenges of a Dual Language Workplace in both English and Spanish to our employees. All attendees gave rave reviews and found her discussion not only interesting, but enlightening. There are obvious difficulties that arise in working with people that speak a language other than their own. However, the most frustrating challenges are usually the ones that are not so obvious… Melissa’s presentations made everyone aware of these differences and we were all amazed at what we didn’t know from both sides of the aisle.

Melissa is multi-cultural and was able to respond to common frustrations and pitfalls that both supervisors and employees often encounter with very real information and recommendations. I would highly recommend that any organization who deals with a dual language workplace bring in Melissa to do a presentation. After only a few days, we have had managers and supervisors say that they have been able to change some of the ways they communicate and improved the culture.”

Nora Fryklund
Human Resource Director / East West Resorts

Spanish-Speaking Employees: We address issues similar to those we discuss with English-speaking management, but from a Spanish-speakers’ perspective. Click HERE for more details.

Tu supiste expresar de manera perfecta todo lo que los hispanos sentimos desde el primer momento que empezamos a trabajar aquí y todo lo que nos pasa mientras somos promovidos en el trabajo o inclusive lo que nos pasa cuando somos disciplinados en el trabajo. Tu inclusive expresaste cosas que ni yo me di cuenta que me pasaban o porque me pasaban y muy claramente me explicaste el motivo de esas situaciones e inclusive como poder sobrellevar mejor situaciones que yo no sabía cómo manejar … Además siento después de tu presentación que hay solución a muchos de los problemas que tengo día a día trabajando en este país. … no me cabe ninguna duda de que estas ayudando a mucha gente (hispanos y americanos) a poder comunicarse mejor entre ellos.

¡Gracias por tu presentación y espero trabajar contigo en el futuro!
You knew how to express perfectly everything that Hispanics feel from the first moment when we begin to work here, as well as everything that happens to us when we are promoted at work or even when we are disciplined at work. You even expressed things that had not been aware were happening to me, or why they were happening; you explained very clearly the cause of these situations and even how to be successful in situations that I did not know how to handle….Also, since your presentation, I feel that there is a solution for many of the problems that I have from day to day working in this country…I have no doubt that you are helping many people (Hispanics and Americans) to be able to communicate better with one another. Thank you for your presentation, and I hope to work with you in the future!

Virginia Lecea
Human Resources Manager