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In light of recent legislative changes, brokers now more than ever need a competitive edge.

If you work with companies that employ Spanish Speakers, Futuro Sólido-USA can assist you by better communicating the products & services you provide and increasing participation. A message that is effective for English speakers will not necessarily work well in Spanish. Spanish speakers’ objections have to be identified and addressed.

Betsy Campbell, Employee Benefits Account Executive, Van Gilder Insurance

Futuro Sólido-USA provides the following services:

  • Spanish Translation Services
  • Videos (in Spanish with English subtitles) on Health Insurance, Safety & 401-K
  • Spanish speaking consulting services
  • On site enrollment meeting assistance
  • Creating sales tools to use with Spanish speakers
  • Sales training to better understand Spanish speakers

By working with Futuro Sólido-USA you will be able to:

  • Educate Spanish speakers as to the importance of benefits and counter the reasons they frequently choose not to participate.
  • Maximize participation among Spanish-speaking employees in benefit and retirement plans.
  • Create a positive “buzz” among Spanish-speaking employees so that they encourage one another to participate.
  • Create a workplace culture where participation is the norm.
  • Ensure that Spanish speakers utilize plans appropriately and in a way that is cost effective for themselves and employers.
  • Increase your sales with companies that employ Spanish speakers
  • Open new doors and attract new clients

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