Other Language Services

Futuro Sólido’s translation services consider the culture, educational level, and beliefs of the intended readers. This results in more meaningful content, improved understanding, and a more powerful message overall.

All of our staff is professional, courteous, and culturally aware. We communicate points of view and intentions, not just words.

We will ensure that your message is effective whether it is:

  • In writing
  • In person
  • Via Virtual Training Session
  • Recorded as a voiceover
  • In video

Also, Spanish speakers might have learned certain words or terms in this country—in English—rather than their country of origin. For example, sometimes industry-specific terms such as “drywall” or “tile” are simply pronounced as if they were Spanish—”drywól or “tallo.”

The speaker may not even be aware that the correct Spanish term is “lamina de yeso” or “baldosa.” In these cases, we often use both the correct Spanish term and the “Spanglish” term, so as to ensure that the message is understood.