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Futuro Sólido works with the latest translation management software, but make no mistake---this is NOT machine translation.  It is a system where previously translated text is stored and recognized.  Our clients love it because:


  • You get a significant discount if text from your document is already in our system.  Say you are updating last year’s employee handbook, but about half of the words are the same.  You will get a significant discount.


  • Your terminology will be consistent.  Say we have translated the word “managers” in your document as “gerentes” in Spanish.  There are several correct ways in Spanish to say “manager” (mayordomo, supervisor, director), and maybe we have a new linguist working on your project, who might prefer a different word (translators feel strongly about these things!)  Our system will prompt ANY of our team members to use the same Spanish word (gerentes) for your projects, and thus avoid either a human error, or a human difference of opinion, which could confuse your employees or clients.


  • Your life will be easier!  If you submit a document for updates that was translated last year, you do NOT need highlight or track your changes.  Our system will recognize what has been previously translated, as well as new English text.


For these reasons, we highly recommend having ONE translation vendor throughout your organization.   You’ll save a lot of time and money!

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Thank you for all your support this year.  You really came through for us with some particularly large projects with tight turnarounds.  I so appreciate the incredible level of support you consistently provide us. It is very very appreciated!!


Sally - #1 Fan

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