Helping you communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking employees.

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Flip the Light Bulb switch to improve employee understanding, participation, and utilization of benefits plans!

Single Light Bulb Option: Rent a single Light Bulb (in both English and Spanish) for only $95 for 24 hours per location.

Our 2-Light Bulb package, Why Such a Fuss about Benefits? And Benefits Communication Coaching for Bilingual Supervisors will orient Spanish-speaking employees and bilingual supervisors as to why benefits are a win-win for employers and employees.  $95 for 24-hours, per location.

Light Bulb Series, 24-hour rental.  Access our entire Light Bulb series for $425 for 24-hours, per location.

Are you holding meetings over the course of several days? Want your employees to be able to share benefits illustrations with their spouses throughout their open enrollment period?  Then this option is for you.  For only $850 for the week, per location, you and your employees can have access to the entire Light Bulb series for a week, which will improve employee understanding, participation, and utilization, and make your life easier!

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