“…we were alarmed when we closed 2009 with a Recordable Incidence Rate of 7.5, which put us very close to being triggered for an inspection. We have a proactive approach to safety….but obviously something was not getting through to our employees. Fortunately, in 2010, we brought in Futuro Sólido. Their video … was invaluable, and their presenter conducted extremely effective discussions with our staff. For the first time, our Spanish speakers understood exactly how their behavior impacts the company… The result was our recordable incidence rate for 2010 dropped to zero! Our plant maintained its VPP status and avoided increased premiums…We are extremely grateful to Futuro Sólido and recommend them enthusiastically to any employer who hires Spanish speakers and who needs to address safety.” HR manager of a Denver manufacturing Plant

Click HERE to preview our video on the importance of safety.

Have you ever had safety instructions translated into Spanish with disappointing results? Why are these workers so resistant to complying with safety?

There are many reasons, but the most important one is that Spanish speakers feel they are more valuable employees if they do NOT comply. For training to be effective, this belief must be addressed.

Fortunately, Futuro Sólido USA offers customized solutions:

  • On-site or web-based consulting and training in both English and Spanish. Samples sessions include:
    • Bringing Spanish Speakers on Board with Safety (Eng.)
    • The Role of Safety in Your Workplace (Sp.)
    • Supervisory Skills (Sp.)
  • Written Translation
  • The Importance of Safety Training, a video in Spanish with English subtitles that addresses the reasons why Spanish speakers choose not to comply. This video can be purchased as it stands as a download, or it can be branded with your organization’s logo and specific message. Click HERE for a preview.
Need more info? E-mail us to request our Top 10 Tips for Communicating Safety to Spanish Speakers.