Helping you communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking employees.

Supervisory Skills

Bilingual supervisors should be your rock stars, but most employers are unaware of the pressures that these guys face. Did you know:


  • Spanish speakers can face bitter resentment from their former peers when promoted?
  • Typical managerial practices in Latin America tend to be much more dictatorial and less based on team-building than practices in the US?
  • MANY bilingual supervisors are very unpopular with their teams---and don’t know what to do about it?
  • Bilingual supervisors tend to be very reluctant to ask for help from their superiors?


In order to be effective and happy in their positions, bilingual supervisors need a different kind of targeted support from what their English-speaking counterparts generally get. Even if training is translated, it almost never addresses the most difficult challenges Spanish speakers face.


Futuro Sólido has developed extensive training modules, which have proven extremely valuable to participants and their employers.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How to be a Successful Supervisor in the USA (an overview of cultural differences)
  • Getting Positive Results with Negative Feedback
  • A Supervisor’s Role in Maintaining a Safe Environment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Happiness in the Workplace


We also customize training to address your company’s specific needs and circumstances.


 Contact us now to discuss your situation and get an estimate.

Melissa Burkhart, President of Futuro Solido has done a few trainings for our company and I want to communicate what an immediate and impactful difference it made in our organization.  Melissa did a bi-cultural presentation for our managers and we were so taken by ... what it communicated about cultural differences between English speakers and Spanish speakers, that we offered presentations to another 100 people within our organization.

Katy Boothby

Training Coordinator

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