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Translation is harder than it looks, and speaking two languages does NOT mean you can translate---it means you can speak two languages.  You can be a knowledgeable and competent professional, but not have perfect writing skills, no?  Even if your writing is pretty solid, do you need someone to proofread for you?  Yes, you do.  Everyone does.   Competent translators have outstanding reading comprehension in their source language (the one they’re translating from) and extraordinary writing skills in their target language (the one they’re translating into).  This is a lot harder than being able to hold a conversation (even a witty and insightful conversation), in either language.


The good news is, we’ve got you covered!  Our diverse, worldwide team of linguists have experience, accreditation, and support from one another.  Take a look at our Top 10 Translation Pointers, and click HERE to get an estimate.

Did you know…embarazada does NOT mean embarrassed?



* it means pregnant.


$85/hour plus travel (if applicable)


Also called on-site translation, interpretation occurs when our linguist goes back and forth with a client and states in the target language what has been said in English.  Often this is a very appropriate and valuable way to communicate, as in an employee evaluation, for example.  However, in some instances, particularly in benefits enrollment meetings, we highly recommend presenting.


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If we interpret everything that is said for the audience, your meeting is twice as long and twice as boring for all attendees, including your English speakers.  For benefits OE meetings, for example, we highly recommend translating your power point and having our rep present separately in the target language (most commonly in Spanish).  We can then address concerns that are unique to this group, and we have found that they are far more likely to engage and ask questions.


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Thank you for all your support this year.  You really came through for us with some particularly large projects with tight turnarounds.  I so appreciate the incredible level of support you consistently provide us. It is very very appreciated!!


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