The Importance of Health Insurance

“Futuro Solido’s health care and 401(k) video downloads have been instrumental in educating our client’s Spanish-speaking employees. After introducing the videos, we immediately noticed a boost in enrollment on the health care and 401(k) plans. Prior to using the videos, the Spanish–speaking employees had reservations about enrolling on the plans because they did not have a clear picture or understand the importance of these valuable benefits. The video downloads have greatly helped our clients educate and retain Spanish-speaking employees.” Valerie Stremsterfer, Employee Benefit Specialist, Strategic Employee Benefit Services of Co.

Are you aware of all the reasons that Spanish speaking employees tend not to participate in health insurance benefits? Differences between the health care systems of Latin America and the United States are clarified in this video download, with an emphasis on demonstrating just how necessary health coverage is in America.

All Video Presentations are in Spanish with optional English subtitles.

Points covered include:

  • Without insurance, health care costs can create catastrophic debt.
  • Visiting a doctor’s office is more beneficial than going straight to the emergency room.
  • It can be extremely difficult to get care from a specialist
    without insurance.
  • Forward-thinking Spanish-speaking immigrants are making health
    insurance a priority to protect their families’ future.

Employee participation in your health insurance plan creates:

  • Optimum premiums for group plans
  • Employee retention and stability
  • Increased loyalty to the company

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