The Importance of Safety Training

“Melissa Burkhart and her team at Futuro Sólido USA have provided extremely valuable services to Village Homes and its sub-contractors for over three years. They have a great understanding of the differences in the way Spanish and English speakers think about safety, and they always communicate effectively with our subcontractors’ Hispanic employees about safety regulations. All of us have been very happy with the results!” Robert Fast, Senior Safety Manager, Village Homes

Spanish speakers tend to be deeply resistant to safety training and veryfew employers realize why. Our video download addresses their profound culturalbeliefs regarding personal risk and sacrifice andclarifies how federal safety and workers compensation laws apply to all employees.

All Video Presentations are in Spanish with optional English subtitles.

Points covered include:

  • Federal safety regulations do apply to all employees, regardless
    of their country of origin.
  • On-the-job injuries and accidents do cost employers
    considerable amounts of money.
  • Employees are more valuable when they take intelligent precautions.
  • Successful Spanish-speaking employees should teach
    newcomers not to take unnecessary risks.

Employee compliance with safety regulations creates:

  • Minimized losses due to employee injuries or accidents
  • Lower premiums for workers compensation insurance
  • Employee retention and stability
  • Increased loyalty to the company

Click here for to read Melissa’s article Safety for Spanish Speakers

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