Written Translation

“As always, your team is a pleasure to work with, you do a great job, and we have a lot of trust in you! Thanks so much for everything you do for us – and our clients.” Hali Strand, Benefits Services Group.

Futuro Sólido follows a 3-step process to ensure that translated documents are BOTH 100% accurate AND as understandable as possible for their intended readers.

  1. The document is translated by a professional linguist holding ATA certification or a similar credential.
  2. It is reviewed by a “typical reader” who will indentify words or phrases that might be confusing to the intended audience. These will be simplified or explained in parentheses.
  3. It is proofread by an editor with professional translation credentials

Regular charges for English-to-Spanish translation usually range between $.20 and $.23 per English word, depending on the nature and volume of the text. For extremely tight deadlines, rush surcharges will apply. Proofreading is $.03 per word.

Charges for translation involving other language pairs will vary.

Rates for changes to documents that have already been delivered for translation or for updates to translated documents will be $75 per hour.

DISCOUNTS for non-profits and affiliates of our strategic partners apply. Contact us for an estimate at no obligation.