“Futuro Sólido had a tremendous impact on our Spanish-speaking employees and their response to benefits. Participation has increased and our employees have a much better understanding of the purpose, function, and value of their life, health, and retirement plans” Susan Kemp, Human Resources Manager, BSI, Inc.

Futuro Sólido USA supports companies that employ or sell to Spanish speakers by ensuring effective communication which improves the bottom line.

Translation is essential, but it is almost never enough. Futuro Sólido specializes in results-oriented Spanish communication that includes professional translation and much more. Our clients have seen:

Dramatically improved participation in benefits and insurance

More than doubled participation in retirements plans

OSHA recordable incident rate go from 7.8 to zero in the space of 8 months, due to improved compliance

Improved and more consistent use of English in the workplace

And much more…

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